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Digital Business Opportunities in 2023: A Money in Tech Series

Digital Business Opportunities in 2023

At Starthub, we are firm believers that innovative thinking is essential to leveraging digital opportunities and building successful digital businesses. As a result, we launched the Money In Tech Seminar Series in February 2023. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into the first edition of the Seminar Series and the insights shared by Patrick Ndifon, an expert in technology trends, startups, and business/product development. We’ll also explore how Starthub Incubator is committed to supporting innovation through its programs, and other resources.


Unlocking Digital Business Success: Insights from Starthub’s Money In Tech Seminar Series

Innovation is the cornerstone of success for every digital business, and it’s not just about using the latest tools. It involves a new mindset that prioritizes creative thinking, problem-solving and adapting to trends. This is precisely what Starthub Incubator aims to cultivate.

Accordingly, the Money In Tech Seminar Series is designed to help entrepreneurs, digital business owners, impact makers, tech professionals, freelancers, and tech enthusiasts discover new areas of value creation and addition. Consequently, we had the honor of having Patrick Ndifon, an expert in technology trends, startups, and business/product development at the first edition of the Seminar series. He addressed the collective response to innovation and opportunities, noting that most often than not, we’re short-sighted, and get on trends late on. Consequently, we become just consumers.

Because of this inability to anticipate and creatively use trends like Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G Technology, Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR), Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and Remote work, a lot of potential remains untapped. Potentials to create new products or offer better value. Take, for instance, the highly prolific Nigerian Fintech and Blockchain sectors. Innovation and creativity are pretty much restricted to a few areas of application. According to Patrick, we need to “think of how to apply blockchain in various aspects apart from buying and selling cryptocurrency in exchanges. A lot of ideation energy is wasted just buying a coin and waiting for it to grow.”

Our Commitment To Innovation

Additionally, the event was also an opportunity to network with like minds, and connect with the Starthub Community. We shared our commitment to supporting ideas, businesses, and the creation of value from tech in our community through our network, resources, and programs, for example:

Launch Incubation Program: The Launch Incubation Program provides is established to help launch and scale simple digital products. Providing support in idea validation, coaching, mentoring, and networking.

Starthub Residency: A fully funded 12 months technology startup launch residency program, to improve your skills, find co-founders, develop and test your products, get funding, and launch and scale your products.

Money In Tech Seminar Series: A series of monthly seminars on how to create and capture value using digital technologies.

A Special Guest

Team Wikeria joined us! Wikeria is an EduFi platform promoting web3 and Blockchain education/adoption. Check out their amazing Blockchain encyclopedia here.


To succeed in the digital age, preparation and the readiness to adapt are necessary. This means staying up-to-date on the latest trends, learning/implementing new skills quickly, and building a network. You can start by joining the Starthub community.

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