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Our courses, internships, bootcamps, incubator and accelerator programs will help you learn digital skills, transition to a career in tech and launch and scale your startup.

Career Path Programs

Learn in demand Skills. Plug into the future of work.

Kickstart your tech journey or transition to a career in tech. Choose from our bouquet of expert-taught career path digital skills in high demand from our 5 schools.


Learn how to build websites, mobile and web apps.


Learn how to complex analyse data and make business decisions.

Creative Economy

Learn how to create digital content that sells.

Products and Design

Learn how to design and manage products.


Learn business analysis, project management and digital marketing.

Fast track your journey with practical skills in 30 days.

Learn practical soft, digital, employability, productivity and business skills, tools and hacks you need to reposition yourself for success.

Earn way more on savings

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Get practical experience

Get hands-on real-life industry experience by collaborating on projects 



App features that help manage money more organized

In demand tech skills.

Learn the latest digital and tech knowledge that are in high demand now and in the future.

Industry experts

Learn from experts and professionals who have built real digital products and tech companies.

Real-life Projects

Get hands-on real-life industry experience by collaborating on projects 

Take the guesswork off your business.

One hub, everything you need to succeed on your tech journey.

Learn digital skills, find collaborators and co-founders, meet investors and mentors, join our tech community and get the resources you need to build, transition to a career in tech, or launch and scale your startup ideas.


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